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Andre Gladen

Andre Gladen

Birth date:

February 12, 1982

Death date:

January 6, 2019

Age at Death:



Mr. Gladen was from Sacramento and visiting family in Portland, Oregon. He had a history of mental illness.

Mr. Gladen was shot by the Portland, OR police when a caller reported him to be threatening and police found Mr. Gladen refusing to leave the caller's front porch. Though from Sacramento, Mr. Gladen was in Portland visiting family. Police and an eye witness reported Mr. Gladen was asked to stand down but refused. Family said Mr. Gladen struggled with mental illness (bipolar) and schizophrenia. It was also revealed that in order for Mr. Gladen to get the knife he had, it had to have been removed from the responding officer. It was noted that Mr. Gladen had a hospital gown on and was disoriented, having been at an ER prior to going to the home where the police were called. Mr. Gladen's behavior was erratic, and he was yelling at the police officer as well as not cooperating. Police tried to tase Mr. Gladen but he was reportedly on methamphetamines.

Was justice served?

No, justice was not served. A Grand Jury ruled the shooting was justified. Portland's police response of force on a man having a mental crisis does not seem to be wise. Mr. Gladen was a danger to himself and others due to being on meth, but also because he had a mental illness. A more humane way to get him to cooperate to be re-admitted to an ER psychiatric ward should have been ordered when police saw his mental state (erratic, confused, wearing a hospital gown, one shoe off, etc.).

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