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Brandon Lovell Webster

Brandon Lovell Webster

Birth date:

April 3, 1991

Death date:

January 2, 2019

Age at Death:



Mr. Webster was from Shallotte, North Carolina. Friends and family stated he was he was a lovable, funny, kind-hearted, black man and father. His mother said his last words were: "Ma, I love you, Daddy I’m dying.” His death was mourned by his mother, Mary Towanda Webster Reed, his aunt, Ruby Stanley, and his lifelong friend, Jaquan Brooks. He also leaves a daughter, age 10 and a son, age 2.

The family believes Mr. Webster was pulled over for no reason, and was not cooperating because he had done nothing wrong. There is a video that shows the trooper step in front of Mr. Webster's vehicle to block its forward movement, therefore creating a dangerous situation when Mr. Webster pulled out. Another video shows that the trooper stepped in front of the truck with their gun drawn.

Was justice served?

No. It was determined the officer would not face charges as Mr. Webster was not cooperating. It is also noted the trooper had been a trooper for 1 year. The family has retained an attorney to seek justice for the wrongful death.

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