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Giovonn Joseph McDade

Giovonn Joseph McDade

Birth date:

October 22, 1996

Death date:

June 24, 2017

Age at Death:



Giovonn Joseph McDade was a college student at Green River College. Before that he was a former Kent-Meridian High School student-athlete. He was from Auburn and is remembered by his mother as a humble kid with a passion for sports, especially football, which kept him fit, healthy, and positive. He is survived by his mother and three younger brothers.

Giovonn was initially stopped by a Kent Police Officer for having an outdated license plate and looking suspicious. He was initially told to get out of his car and speak with officers, orders with which he complied. After being instructed to get back into his car, Giovonn drove away which led to him being chased by police officers. An officer then fired shots at Giovonn's vehicle, with two of them striking him and killing him.

Was justice served?

Giovonn's family filed a wrongful death lawsuit after the murder of their son. Justice has not yet been served as Giovonn's case is still being litigated in a court of law. In February of 2021, a judged refused to dismiss Giovonn's case due to the judge believing there are "serious disputes" with evidence in the Kent police case. With this decision, Giovonn's case is still waiting to go to trial as of February 2021.

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