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Henry Hezekiah Dee

Henry Hezekiah Dee

Birth date:

January 8, 1945

Death date:

May 2, 1964

Age at Death:



Henry grew up in Mississippi with his grandmother after his mother was sent to a mental hospital. He worked as a lumberjack at Haltom Lumber Company. One of his good friends was Charles Moore who was murdered with him.

Henry was hitchhiking with his friend Charles Moore and was picked up by members of the KKK. They were then interrogated and tortured then locked in the trunk of a car and driven to Mississippi. There, he was tied to a motor block and train rails then thrown into the Mississippi River. The body was found two months later.

Was justice served?

Yes, the murderer was convicted 7 year after Henry's death. 43 years later he was sentenced to life sentence in prison.

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