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India Beaty

India Beaty

Birth date:

August 8, 1990

Death date:

March 18, 2016

Age at Death:



India's family described her as "smart," "friendly, happy-go-lucky," and as someone who "would do anything in the world for you." She was engaged to her girlfriend with four children she considered her own. India was also an aspiring rapper known as Lbeezygotti with a growing music career.

India was involved in an altercation with an unarmed man when the police approached her. She had a fake gun and brandished it in an aggressive manner both towards the man and the police when asked to comply. Shots immediately fired and she was killed.

Was justice served?

As of 2021, four years later, justice has not been served. There was a trial and the police men were not found guilty for her murder.

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