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Isaiah Lewis

Isaiah Lewis

Birth date:

June 25, 2001

Death date:

April 29, 2019

Age at Death:



Isaiah Lewis attended high school in Oklahoma. Family members that he was a nice young man who was loved by all of his teachers. Everyday when Isaiah was being dropped off for school, he would hug his mother. He had a girlfriend and his entire life in front of him.

The day before his death, he called his girlfriend saying he needed to tell her something, but would not tell her what. She says that, "He wasn't acting like himself." From what she heard, she thought he sounded paranoid. Isaiah Lewis' parents also confirm that he was acting strange the day before his death. From what they say, he seemed more talkative and hyperactive. He soon went over to his girlfriends house to celebrate her birthday. His girlfriend shared that they had smoked "wax" but later toxicology reports showed low levels of THC. Later, a neighbor heard yelling and dialed 911 thinking someone was being assaulted. Isaiah Lewis ran out of the house, took his clothes off and then broke into another house. Police tazed the unarmed, naked teenager to no effect. He was subsequently shot multiple times and died.

Was justice served?

As of April 2019, justice has not been served. The two police officers were not held responsible because there was allegedly not enough evidence, and because of a law called, "Justifiable Deadly Force by Officer." The officer who shot Isaiah Lewis was presumed to have shot Isaiah because he was being attacked.

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