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Junior Prosper

Junior Prosper

Birth date:

January 7, 1984

Death date:

September 28, 2015

Age at Death:



Mr. Prosper's pregnant widow Ediline, said this of him: "He was a good guy, he cared about everybody, he was so nice, like the cops shouldn’t have killed him for no reason at all. He was working. He had a car accident and the Miami-Dade police force could have helped him instead of shooting him." The couple had four children.

The incident began when a bus driver saw a Yellow Taxi colliding with a street sign near the on-ramp to I-95 in Miami. The driver stopped to assist and approached the taxi, which was still running with its lights on. The bus driver saw Mr. Prosper sitting in the driver's seat, slumped toward the passenger side of the car and breathing heavily. The bus driver called 911 and informed the operator of the accident. While he was speaking with the 911 operator, Mr Prosper moved across the front seat of the car, exited through the passenger door, and began walking toward I-95. A tow truck driver also joined the bus driver to see if he could help. Both said Mr. Prosper returned and seemed to acting weird or "on something." The officer arriving found Mr. Prospect, tried to redirect him away from traffic and a substantial struggle ensued - Mr. Prosper refused to respond to the officers commands to get down on the ground, was tased twice and reportedly lunged for the officer's weapon. He was fatally shot twice (as Mr. Prosper was biting down on the officer's finger, which the hospital reported were superficial wounds) and died of his wounds. Mr. Prosper was a Yellow Taxi driver.

Was justice served?

No. As of January 2017, a wrongful death suit was filed claiming the officer used excessive force against an unarmed suspect "on something." Video from a local business nearby was produced that allegedly shows Mr. Prosper crawling away from the car accident and then was subsequently shot. The use of lethal force against a man who was "acting weird," had NO weapon and had not yet been charged with any crime is excessive. No de-escalation took place.

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