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Keaton Otis

Keaton Otis

Birth date:

January 4, 1985

Death date:

May 12, 2010

Age at Death:



Keaton Otis was born January 4, 1985 in Portland, Oregon. He was a product of a brief romance between his mother and father, but stayed with his mother and was never close with his father. Otis was pulled over for failing to put on his turn signal while driving his mother's car and was eventually shot dead by police in an altercation. It is unclear whether he had a job at the time, but he was spending some of his time working on his relationship with his father.

Keaton Otis was driving his mother's sedan in Portland, Oregon when he was pulled over for not signaling a turn in what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop. Four police cars surrounded Otis, and when asked to put his hands up, he kept his hands on the wheel and yelled obscenities at the officers. Although it was never proven that Otis was in possession of a firearm at the time, the officers claim that Otis shot the lead officer twice in the leg when he tried to force Otis out of the vehicle. After that, Keaton Otis was shot 23 times by various police officers, causing his death.

Was justice served?

Justice for Keaton Otis has not yet been served. The officers involved in Keaton's death were not punished as they claim that Keaton had a gun on him and was dangerous, but there was never any proof presented that he, in fact, did have a gun on him. His father, Fred, held a memorial every month on the 12th at the place where Keaton was shot in Portland, Oregon. He did this for about 3 years while demanding justice for his son's death.

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