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Mantry Norris

Mantry Norris

Birth date:

Death date:

June 19, 2019

Age at Death:



By age 20, Mantry Norris was known by his friends and family as hard-working and loving. Mantry consistently showed strength throughout his life as he faced challenges living with schizophrenia but always showed his sense of dedication and kindness for others. He took on many jobs including working at Whole Foods, Mod Pizza, and the Pink Elephant Car Wash in Washington. He will be remembered for his loving personality and the positive influence he left on the lives around him.

On June 19 2019, 20 year old Mantry Norris called police to the Cheers Sports Bar and Grill in Renton Washington to report drug use at the bar but it is now believed that he was worried about his actions and what he may do due to his state of mind on that night. He had struggled with schizophrenia throughout his life and was aware that he was not completely in control when the mental illness was affecting him. Mantry then entered the bar with a knife and was yelling at the customers. He was inside the bar for 34 seconds before police then entered the bar. At the moment that the police arrived in the building, Mantry injured a man in the arm. A white, male police officer then began shooting at Mantry multiple times, murdering him at the scene. Mantry Norris had no prior criminal history and was unjustly killed by police instead of being offered the help he needed.

Was justice served?

After Mantry Norris’ murder, the officer responsible was placed on paid administrative leave by the Renton Police Department. The officer has been with the department for thirteen years and is also apart of the SWAT team. The Valley Investigation Agency, made up of six police departments in the area, is currently investigating the shooting and no charges have been made against the officer. As of March 2021, justice has not been served because the officer is believed to have stopped a fatal threat when he was in fact murdering a man who needed help.

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