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Ollie Lee Brooks, Sr.

Ollie Lee Brooks, Sr.

Birth date:

October 31, 1951

Death date:

May 28, 2016

Age at Death:



Ollie Lee Brooks, Sr. was born on October 31, 1951 to Ora Lee Barnett and Richard Lee Brooks in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was their only child. He grew up in North Tulsa. He attended Booker T. Washington High School. He worked as a dedicated landscaper and tree trimming expert for over 35 years.
Ollie had six children. His first born was Tammie Burks (Lance). He then met and married Wanda Jean Griffin, and to this union they had two sons: Tyrone R. Books, Sr. (Linda), Tulsa, OK, and Ollie Lee Brooks, Jr. (Debra), Tulsa, OK, and a daughter, LaTosha C. Brooks-Bailey, Tulsa, OK. He later had two more children: Nikia Mallard and Daylon Mallard, Denver, CO.

Ollie Brooks was tased and pepper sprayed during an arrest attempt by an officer in Tulsa, OK. The officers found him due to a search of the Super 8 Motel registry for people with warrants. Officers went to his room were he was sprayed with pepper spray and tased twice. By the time 911 was called, he was slumped over and had taser prongs in his body.

Was justice served?

Justice has not been served. No one was identified or held responsible. As of May 2016, the officers went on paid leave and returned to work the next day. Excessive force by the officers on a 64 year old man deserved more investigation.

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