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Ricky Javonta Ball

Ricky Javonta Ball

Birth date:

December 3, 1988

Death date:

October 16, 2015

Age at Death:



Ricky Javonta Ball was born in Michigan and grew up with very loving parents, a sister and a brother whom describe him as laid back, goal oriented, and the most caring person towards his daughter. Ricky graduated from Caledonia High School and after was living and working at a restaurant in Memphis. He was enrolling in a community college to study engineering when he changed his mind and decides to go to stay in Columbus to spend more time with his daughter.

Ricky Ball was pulled over by a white police officer where he fled the scene. The police officer stated that he saw Ricky with a gun and so he shot Ball resulting in his death. Coincidentally the officer had his body camera turned off so there is no proof to back up any claims made in this incident. When Ball's family heard of this they stated that Ricky wouldn't own a gun and they find out that the gun Ricky allegedly had was stolen from another Columbus officer. Strangely enough this gun was not reported missing until over a week after Ball was murdered.

Was justice served?

Justice was initially served and the grand jury concluded that the officer had committed the homicide on Ricky Javonta Ball. The officer was fired and the family feels a sense of justice despite the odds not being in their favor of the investigation making it all the way to the grand jury. This is until in June of 2020 when the Columbus mayor releases a new statement regarding the case of Ricky Ball. The manslaughter charges are dropped for the former police due to the belief that the officer had been reacting out of self-defense. Justice has not been served.

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