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Ronnie Lee Shorter

Ronnie Lee Shorter

Birth date:

July 15, 1973

Death date:

January 21, 2017

Age at Death:



Ronnie Lee Short grew up in Greenville, Mississippi and had a strong relationship with his mom an she refers to him as always being "her baby." He was also close with his cousins and really all his family because they all had lived so close to each other. He went to Coahoma Community College and played quarterback as well as running track. Although Ronnie was a big family man, he never married or had kids of his own.

According to the police reports, when five officers showed up at Ronnie Shorter's home, he approached the door firing shots and in defense, the police shot 11 times at him and ended up having a fatal shot to the head killing Ronnie. Ronnie's mother Flora explains that she was actually on the phone with her son when the police knocked on the door at 10:00 p.m. and he says he's going to see who is in his front yard. The police say they had an anonymous call saying they had heard previous shots fired suspecting it had come from Ronnie's house but the family never receives proof of this call.

Was justice served?

Justice was not served due to the police that went to trial and were found not guilty and fired at Ronnie Lee Shorter out of self-defense. The family explains that they still have not received as much information as they would like about what actually happened that night and they the police showed up secretively instead of simply knocking on the door. They are also taking the time to pass Ronnie's Law to prevent the same situation happening to someone else.

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