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Said Joquin

Said Joquin

Birth date:

December 13, 1993

Death date:

May 1, 2020

Age at Death:



Mr. Joquin was a single man, from Philadelphia, PA and lived in Tacoma, WA. According to his Facebook Page, he loved skateboarding. Very little is publicly available about him.

Mr. Joquin was pulled over in Tacoma by a Lakewood officer for rolling through a stop sign, and nearly causing a police cruiser to run into him in the intersection. He was pulled over by officers from two different cruisters, and shot by one of the officers because the officer claimed he was lowering his hands from above his head; the officer thought he was reaching for a weapon on the floor board (officer audio recording provided he made this statement "So real quick, I see there's a weapon in the (unintelligible) in the car. If you reach for anything, alright, you will be shot. Do you understand? Put your hands on your head. Do you have a permit for the weapon?”). A front seat passenger relayed his account of what happened, denying that Mr. Joquin was lowering his hands but stating Mr. Joquin was acting funny and driving crazy. Mr. Joquin's mother filed a $25M wrongful death suit against the city of Lakewood, WA. Source:

Was justice served?

On March 9, 2021, the Lakewood PD issued a press release saying their investigation was completed, and that the officers actions were justified. There is very detailed evidence in the investigation including audio recording references. Mr. Joquin did not have a conceal carry permit and the gun was reportedly owned by a deceased individual. Source:

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