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Tameka Lashay Simpson

Tameka Lashay Simpson

Birth date:

January 29, 1991

Death date:

December 11, 2018

Age at Death:



Tameka Simpson was born in Columbus, Georgia. She had a brother and sister, and had a close relationship with her parents and her grandmothers.

Tameka Simpson was sitting in a car at a BP gas station in Calhoun, Georgia. A police officer inside the gas station helped pay for a purchase of a woman who was short on change. She got in the car that Simpson was in. When the police officer walked up to the car to talk to the women, he smelled marijuana and asked for back up.
The police officer asked Tameka for her identification; she reached into the glove compartment, pulling out a gun and shooting the officer. The bullet hit his bullet-proof vest, richocheted off of his cell phone and wounded him in the arm. The officer and back-up officer shot back at Tameka, killing her.

Was justice served?

No charges were filed against the police officers.

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