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Walter Scott

Walter Scott

Birth date:

February 9, 1965

Death date:

April 4, 2015

Age at Death:



Walter Scott was born to Elder Walter and Minister Judy G. Scott on February 9, 1965, in North Charleston, South Carolina. He had two brothers, Anthony N. Scott and Rodney E. Scott. He served two years in the U.S. Coast Guard but was given a general discharge. After leaving the Coast Guard, Scott worked as a forklift operator. He was the father to his four children: Samantha, Sebastian Lamar, Walter Lamar, II, Miles Quincy Lamar.

On April 4, 2015, Walter Scott drove his into the parking lot of an auto parts store in North Charleston. An officer stopped him for a nonfunctioning brake light. The officer went to his car. When the officer got to his car, Scott exited his vehicle and started to flee. The officer chased on foot and fired his Taser at Scott. The chase continued into a lot behind a pawnshop where the men got into a physical altercation. The officer again fired his Taser but Scott ran away. The officer then drew his handgun and fired eight rounds at Scott. Five rounds hit Scott, including three in the back, killing him.

Was justice served?

No, justice has not been served. There was a trial of the officer for murder. The trial ended in mistrial and a plea agreement was for civil rights violations where the city of North Carolina paid $6.5 million to Scott's family. As of May 2, 2017, the officer did not take responsibility for his actions. He did not serve jail time of pay fees.

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