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Antiracist Bootcamp 

Back to Basics

Whether "antiracism" is new to you or not, review the concept along with some other important questions. What is systemic racism? What is white privilege? What are microaggressions? But most importantly, how can YOU be an antiracist and ally every day? 

Teaching Antiracists

Pre-school and Beyond!

Whether it's helping your school create it's Inclusivity Statement, Vision for Equity, tips for diversity lessons and classroom "windows and mirrors" to handling difficult topics on race at a developmentally appropriate level, let us help inspire and equip your team. 

Raising Antiracists 

Parenting with Purpose And Intention Around Issues of Race and Equity

By the time children are 12, they have a fully developed set of stereotypes. But WE have the power to influence their attitudes and biases as they develop! Starting when they are babies...

Family Conversations

Engaging the Family on Important Topics

From exploring "Color Kindness" to and being a "Peacemaker" to the Story of "The Big Lie" (about race) and Recognizing Heroes and Allies of the Past to practicing "racism interrupters" for every day life, we can guide your families in getting started with these crucial conversations that will last a lifetime. 

Community Conversations

Let Us Guide Your Discussions on Difficult Topics to Strengthen Your Community. 

Let's talk about the BIG questions: What Does Police Reform Look Like? What Does "Black Lives Matter" Mean? What is White Privilege? What Is Critical Race Theory? Is Race a "Social Construct"? Whatever Your Community is ready for, we will enlighten and engage in a bridge-building way.  

Storytelling Workshop

Build Bridges and Relationships through Guided Storytelling 

We believe in using wonder and storytelling as key tools for antiracism. Gain empathy and perspective for those in your community and beyond as you practice "Seeing No Stranger". 

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