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"Take Action" Team

Diversity Baskets/ Books

Giving children "Mirrors and Windows" by 

Providing Multi-Cultural Materials for classrooms.

Help Collect, Deliver, Volunteer as a "reader" to Classrooms throughout the year.

Education Transformation

Are you passionate about ensuring EQUITY and INCLUSION in our schools and beyond? Help us stay tuned to policy and partner with schools to help under-served children of color. 

College/ Career Mentoring

Volunteer to Help HS students navigate college applications and options


Talk about your own career path. 

Get Out the Vote

Work to Enfranchise and Educate voters in our communities so that when Election season comes, they know what to do. We will also work to change laws to stop voter disenfranchisement efforts in our communities, AND to support antiracist  candidates.

"Say Their Names" 

Traveling  memorial honoring the black and brown victims of racial violence. Each month we need helpers to update, add photos, remove and set up in new locations. 

 CommUNITY Conversations 

Partnering with local churches, schools, PTA's, companies, community groups to offer antiracist conversations and trainings., AND to build relationships across boundaries. 

Beloved Community PLAY

Help us plan SOCIAL EVENTS for LHAMAR - family field trips, picnics, playdates, moms' nights out, as we build relationships across racial barriers. 

"Black Owned Businesses"

Help find, nominate, highlight, support BOB's in the community.

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